Welcome to the House of Lyhnos, a house whose history goes back two hundred years.

The story starts when local landowner Chatziannis built the house, in its first form, as dowry for his daughter, Groussi, who married Giorkis Pontikos. Included in the dowry items was a glass oil lamp for the new house. It was a big, rich and imposing house for its time, worthy of the family power.

The house passed on from the hands of Groussi and Giorkis to their adopted daughter, Helen, who married Kostis - the mukhtar (headman) the village for many years and owner of the coffee-shop and the grocery store, where one could buy what the village did not produced , such as sugar, coffee, rice, soap, matches ...

As the years passed, the family got bigger and so did the house. Helen and Kostis had four children and gradually added many chambers to the house reflecting the styles and changing needs of the times.

The house always remained one of the mansions of the village: the ground floor was the stable of animals and on the upper floor there were the chambers, the kitchen and the sun porch. There, at the sun porch during the Lent, the village maidens gathered to play with the swings hanging from the beams, while the young men of the village were hiding in the surrounding roofs trying to get a furtive glimpse of the girls.

Helen and Costis was the last couple which lived in the house. They passed it on, to their children Panagiotis and Natalia, while Natalia gave it to her daughter Sophia.

We bought the house from Sophia, when it was in a state of abandonment and surrendered to the ravages of time, however continuing to exude its past charm. With a lot of artistry, affection, respect and love we restored it from scratch, trying to highlight its obvious and hidden beauties and illuminate it with a new and different light which springs from our own, present-day Lyhnos.

We believe that we have been successful in our efforts and we promise you a warm and special kind of hospitality that will make you see Lyhnos as your own home and as part of your own personal history